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Bambu bomullspinnar

Bambu bomullspinnar

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Our bamboo cotton buds are made from bamboo and organic cotton, our little bud is as useful as its plastic counterpart but without any nastiness.

When plastic cotton buds enter our waterways, they have a devastating impact on marine life. 

Bamboo and cotton are natural materials, causing no harm to the environment This product and it's packaging are 100% plastic-free.

Bamboo grows extremely fast and is resistant to natural pests, which means it is farmed organically. Bamboo is the perfect material for Q-tips as it is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal making it a very hygienic material.

Presenting, the first cotton swab that can be used with a clean conscience and moreover, proudly be put on display in your bathroom! Eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging provides a useful dispenser with minimal footprint, keeping them tidy and organised when not in use.

Bamboo is a sustainable and durable natural material, making it perfect for cotton buds. Our cotton bud has many different uses for example, to touch up your make-up, clean your laptop keyboards, or to clean between the little once toes and fingers! They can even be used to clean jewellery or remove dust from the corners of picture frames.

Längd: 7.5 cm

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